First of all, welcome to the growing wiki: Creative Play! I want to welcome everybody here and I am here for you to be able to get admin rights since I need a little help!

- = Excluding Founder

Admin Rights Guidelines

Admin Rights guidelines


  • You know lots of MediaWiki and I trust you.
  • No MediaWiki Editors in the past 40 days. -


  • CSS is totally learned.
  • Trusting
  • No CSS Editors in the past 30 days. -


  • Template coding is totally learned.
  • Show significant signs of improvement.
  • No Infobox editor in the past 20 days. -

Promotions11:39, April 14, 2016 (hist)Andrew Cao

Andrew Cao will check your requests and approve them. Be patient as more requests load in.
Contact us if you need assistance.

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